Advertising for Old Media (and New Media)

In an effort to understand Health Care Reform I used a number of Online resources and was really impressed by the scope of information available. Apparently, I am not the only one using the internet to check out health care (surprise, surprise). PEW offers great material on the way that the public are accessing information about health care online.

Especially the New York Times blog Perscriptions – Making Sense of the Health Care Debate offers a number of good resources, such as a history of health care reform, a look at several meaningful statistics, the opportunity to estimate how you will be affected and the chance to discuss all of this with other readers and ask questions.

Of course there are a bunch of other sources available: i.e. a number of health care blogs, a variety of grassroots sites and your usual array of internet weirdness (just search for “health care” on Youtube).

After reading up on the reform for one rainy weekend day, I can safely say that I still understand hardly anything but I know the key words now and definitely have an opinion (or five).



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  your-scorpion wrote @

heh) good information!

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