More Milblog Research from Germany

Gladly, i add another article to the list of essays dealing with Milblogs and Warblogs and published in Germany.

Julia Sommerhäuser published an article called Warblogs – Tagebücher zum Irakkrieg in the collection of articles Zerstörter Irak – Zukunft des Irak, a collection of articles discussing diverse issues related to Irak. She also published an online article on the same issues.

Ms. Sommerhäuser takes a look at a number of warblogs, ranging from Where is Raed? to Albritton to Instapundit and compares them to regular media outlets and the way they present the war.  She comes to the conclusion that Blogs do not revolutionize war reporting and that the individual user must estimate the value blogs have for her or himself.

The article gives a good introduction to some of the sources available. We also get some empirical data on blogs and their reporting of specific events like the fall of Baghdad. This is valubale data and its great to see that somebody is trying to sort through all the loads of available information.

It seems somewhat difficult to call something like Reynolds’ Instapundit a diary (tagebuch) though. And, any comparison between the “MSM” and blogs should be wary of reproducing the divide that those two players set up themselves. I.e., did anybody except a few bloggers really think that blogs were going to revolutionize war reporting?


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